‘David Rothman’ namesakes: Egosurfers, here’s what the rest of us are up to

I’ve remarked before on weird coincidences related to my name. Two letters, for example, distinguish me from David Roffman, at least if you don’t include middle names. He’s the veteran journalist associated with the Georgetowner newspaper, shown with a Kitty Kelley feature (temporary link). Much of The Solomon Scandals happens in Georgetown, which, by the […]

Hyperlocal journalism: Georgetown publisher robbed—and eager to tell neighbors about it. Lesson for the Washington Post?

Update, 1:47 p.m.: Post rival’s local news strategy—a Poynter Institute item. – D.R. My online friend Beth Solomon, publisher of TheGeorgetownDish and absolutely no relative of the Sy Solomon in my newspaper novel, got robbed. A thief carried off Beth’s purse, checkbook, credit cards, wallet, car keys, iPhone, Blackberry, everything, after she left her car […]

‘The Rothman Scandal’: What’s good for the Solomons is good for…

Beth Solomon of TheGeorgetownDish is a good sport about the existence of a D.C. novel with a villain named Solomon: “It would be great to have SOME kind of scandal in the family.” Now I’ll try to show Beth’s humor and aplomb toward another book, or at least its title: The Rothman Scandal, by Stephen […]

TheGeorgetownDish starts up: Hyperlocal newspaper war ahead? Or a friendly buyout?

A new online newspaper, the TheGeorgetown Dish, is starting up right in the neighborhood of Ben Bradlee, Sally Quinn and other VIP journalists. Beth Solomon—no relationship to the fictitious government landlord in The Solomon Scandals, thank you—is the editor and publisher. She has worked at ABC News and Voice of America among other places. Robb […]

The Georgetown name game: Roffman, Rothman, Solomon and The Georgetowner

Two kinds of parties show up in The Solomon Scandals, my D.C. media novel: the private variety (“party-parties”) and “name-in-the-paper parties” (where the givers and the guests want publicity). For both, the location is still the Georgetown section of Washington, famous over the years as home to the liberal elite. I’ve never applied for “elite” […]