The Solomon Scandals
The D.C. newspaper novel, the media, the Washington area, tech and other surrealism: David Rothman at large
Solomon Scandals hyperlocal series so far: A list for latecomers

Late to the hyperlocal series in the Solomon Scandals blog? In reverse order, here’s a list of key parts.

imageHow hyperlocal journalism can help big media grow closer to local communities, just posted today.

TBD D.C.-area news site not a steady riser in early Alexa stats. But let’s wait for the full story.

Crisp, lively Web pages from promising new TBD hyperlocal site—but D.C.-oriented lead story is a BIG yawner here in Alexandria, VA.

TBD’s hyperlocal judo is smart and ethical: How should rivals at the Washington Post and elsewhere respond to all the linking ahead?

imageRx for Patch’s hyperlocal sites? Downplay McMaps and beef up some of the writing—and photos and story placement.

Washington Post vs. and

Smile! You’re on TBD TV—at least if you’re an affiliated blogger with Skype and the news gods beckon

How Washington Post and New York Times could outgun hyperlocal sites like TBD and Baristanet.

Georgetown Dish joins TBD blog network: Deju vu angles—in Washington Post’s backyard.

How TBD could use hyperlocal journalism to kick the Washington Post’s butt.

TBD, meet NYC’s Westside Independent: Role model for SOME neighborhood blog affiliates?

imageWashington Post vs. Allbritton’s TBD Web startup plans: BOTH sides could do better.

Hyperlocal journalism: Georgetown publisher robbed—and eager to tell neighbors about it. Lesson for the Washington Post?

‘What Would Google Do’ with my old steeltown newspaper in Lorain, Ohio? Here’s what I’D do.

Please note that I’ve avoided a formal approach, so you won’t see “Part One” and so on.

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