The Solomon Scandals
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‘Solomon Scandals’ in Fairfax County (VA) library podcast
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image I’m a big booster of public libraries, and The Solomon Scandals reflects that. Wendy Blevin, the gossip columnist, is a literacy volunteer at the Martin Luther King branch of the D.C. public library system—and, yes, as you’ll see, that fits her character.

As a library fan, I was tickled to be interviewed on Scandals and other topics for a podcast hosted by Sam Clay, director of the Fairfax County Public Library system in Northern Virginia.

Lesson learned: Try to avoid notes. I’d have sounded more natural at the start of the podcast if I hadn’t use them.

Among the other recent BookCasts was Sam’s chat with Hal Flemming, author of a terrorism-related novel called The Brides’ Fair—which is set in Morocco and, yes, is true to the title. Then there was his interview with Solveig Eggerz, whose byline I remembered from local newspapers and who has written Seal Woman, about an artist who flees Berlin after World War II to become a farm worker in Iceland. Flemming and Eggerz may or may not make the national bestseller lists, given their exotic subjects; but meanwhile BookCast is helping them establish a local base. Same for another writer, me.

For a list of library podcasters and podcast tips for librarians, see a wiki on the topic. Any librarians out there with related stories to share?

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