The Solomon Scandals
The D.C. newspaper novel, the media,the Washington area, tech and other surrealism: David Rothman at large
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I’d written the October 19th post—on The Money Changers, the 1908 Upton Sinclair classic—just before I mentioned it to Ted Gest whom I had recently met. Without knowing of an amazing coincidence, I recommended the book to Ted as a first-rate catalogue of white-collar financial crimes. Sinclair matters to me. His novel The Jungle even […]

Sy Solomon’s specialty is ripping off the taxpayers—through shoddy construction practices in an IRS-occupied building and other projects. If, however, you want a nice overview of a whole litany of white-collar crimes, why not download a free copy of an American classic called The Money Changers? Upton Sinclair’s novel from the early 20th century gives […]

How good are newspapers as corruption-fighters or -preventers? As noted in The Brass Check, a Chicago Tribune reporter actually tried to discredit The Jungle, Upton Sinclair‘s fictionalized depiction of the Chicago Stockyards. Fairly or not, one survey found that four-fifths of Americans do not believe most of what’s in the New York Times—perhaps not so […]