The Solomon Scandals
The D.C. newspaper novel, the media,the Washington area, tech and other surrealism: David Rothman at large
Tony, please stay in Congress—you’re good for ‘Scandals’ sales

imageLike almost all other novels by unknowns, The Solomon Scandals has faced its challenges, but now my book has a powerful, newsworthy friend in Tony Weiner. His misdoings have been catnip for my Kindle rankings. They’re hardly stellar, but have risen to as high as the first 10,000 or 11,000  on occasion this week—not bad out of 900,000+ items in the K store. As a citizen, I hope Tony resigns. As a writer, I hope he keeps his sabbatical very short. Scandals is also a trade paperback.

Update, June 18: Yes, Weiner resigned this week. Oh, well, it was good while it lasted. Besides, any book about Washington scandals is forever timely.

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