99-cent ‘Solomon Scandals’ Kindle sale: Just through March 28

imageUpdate: The sale is still on through early April—Scandals’s rank went from the hundreds of thousands to 1K.

I paid $1.50 a few weeks ago to take a WiFi-equipped bus down from Boston to Washington, D.C.

On the way to the bus station, the taxi driver—from Nigeria, of all places—told me the fare was a scam.  Wrong.  The bus company was simply trying to spread word, and I enjoyed the lack of TSA hassles.

Similarly Twilight Times Books wants the planet to know about The Solomon Scandals. So the novel is on sale at 99 cent in Kindle format through March 28. You can also buy the paperback at Amazon for $13.22.

Either way,  unless Scandals is your airplane read of the moment, you won’t have to pass through a TSA scanner or endure a baggage search.

(Photo from Wikipedia.)

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David Rothman

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