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imageAs far off from D.C. as mainland China and the Philippines, surfers are dropping by. Some visit this site regularly, and I’d like to reward them for their trouble.

What should I be writing about here? Also, I’m curious about your own impressions of local and national journalists and how they deal, or don’t, with corruption Be fair and factual. But don’t be shy. Speak up! Email me at davidrothmanNOSPAMpobox.com or use the comments form.

image Yes, I hope you’ll buy The Solomon Scandals, in paper or electronic form, no matter where you live, if you want to know about the nuts-and-bolts of old-fashioned investigative journalism as revealed in fiction. But that optional.

Here in the United States, by the way, three publications discussing real-life press issues are the Columbia Journalism Review, the American Journalism Review and Editor & Publisher. Another “inside” source of media information is the Poynter Institute, including Jim Romenesko’s newsy blog.

Of special interest: Build that pay wall high—a Washington Post writer’s AJR article that is friendly toward the idea of steep charges for online newspapers to drive people back to print. Meanwhile, in a brief teaser online and at more length on paper, CJR explores “paid” vs. “free.” What do you think about the issue? Will newspapers be less valuable as civic watchdogs if they charge too much?

(Originally posted on Aug. 31, 2009. Moved down to make room for other items.)

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