A Valentine’s Day lesson from P. G. Wodehouse

image image Carly is asleep now, but I know my first order of business when she wakes up. Happy Valentine’s Day!

V Day is also notable for a sadder, far less romantic event, the death of P. G. Wodehouse, who died on Feb. 14, 1975, at age 93. Coincidentally I began today with a partial reading of My Man Jeeves, where, in a chapter called Absent Treatment, Wodehouse reminded me of the perils of forgetting a wife’s birthday or a wedding anniversary. It’s a lesson directly transferable to Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile,  leaving nothing to chance, I created a homemade V Day note and late yesterday stuck it on the refrigerator door.

Wodehouse excerpt: “The poor girl loved him, and she was frightened. It was the thin edge of the wedge, you see, and she knew it. A man who forgets what day he was married, when he’s been married one year, will forget, at about the end of the fourth, that he’s married at all. If she meant to get him in hand at all, she had got to do it now, before he began to drift away.”

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