Al Gore’s ‘scandal’: Sex attack claims from Oregon masseuse are dodgy so far

Oh, the temptation to do a Moliere act here, despite the sweetness visible in the wedding photo from so long ago.

imageimageRemember? Al Gore talked up Internet filtering to shield children from Net porn, while his wife, Tipper, crusaded against racy rock lyrics.

Less than a month ago, we heard about the Gores separating, hardly a sex crime, but now come claims in the National Enquirer that Gore imposed himself on a licensed massage therapist in Portland, Oregon, on Oct. 24, 2006.

If the accusations are true, the ex-VP’s conduct was reprehensible.

The Solomon Scandals contains some references to the sexual hypocrisy so common in D.C., and the Gore “scandal” would appear to fit—except for one minor detail.

So far, the accusations  against Gore strike me as he-said-she-said iffy despite all the details. The authorities did not file charges, a local paper investigated without publishing the story, and it seems odd that the therapist is so eager to discuss the incident now. Read Talking Points Memo for more, and reach or don’t reach your own conclusion. Me, I’m waiting for more information.

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