Bible of newspaper biz reincarnated under new owner, Duncan McIntosh

image Good news: Editor & Publisher, the bible of the newspaper business, is back from the dead and will be published by Duncan McIntosh. Mark Fitzgerald, an E&P veteran, is the new top editor. Online reporting has resumed, and a February issue will appear. Duncan McIntosh is  a boating magazine publisher—it also organizes boat shows. Separately and also on the positive in the newspaper world:

-The Washington Post newsroom staff will not participate in single-sponsor conference as a rule, at least when the topic relates to a company’s business, and there are other policy improvements, such as a requirement that the conferences with people in the news be on record. An uproar arose last year when the Post was inviting corporations to sponsor issues-related salons at the publisher’s house. The Solomon Scandals is in part about a corrupt and very imaginary D.C. paper, and I would rather not see real life imitate me.

-Real estate advertising is on the rise, at least slightly—which is good as long as newspapers don’t let it influence coverage, as happens in Scandals.

Papa Charlie review update: Lookin’ like Saturday, tomorrow, and I’m expecting perhaps 1,500 words, much longer than I was thinking originally.

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