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image Whoops. Ford Maverick automobiles existed in 1969, but the first model year was 1970. Salary figures on Pages 115-116 of the trade paperback edition contradict each other. And on page 157, there’s a reference to “Eddie LaGassie” rather than “Ernie LaGassie.”

Those are among the glitches that made it into the first edition of The Solomon Scandals despite superb copy editors. All in all, things worked out well compared to, say, Democracy, where the editors misnumbered chapters XII and XIII, or The Great Gatsby, which appeared with dozens of typos. But what’s wrong with at least trying for a perfect book? So if you spot any factual inaccuracies or other glitches in Scandals, please e-mail David Rothman. The LaGassie and salary corrections came from a reader who loved the book and wanted to help make it still better. Other feedback welcome!

Update, January 22, 2009: Turns out that we zapped the Maverick glitch in time for the production edition of Scandals. But it’s still a wonderful example of challenges of producting a “perfect” book.

Update, September 10, 2010: Scandals mentions Saul Alinsky’s 11 Rules for Radicals—the correct number is 13. The next run of the book will fix that.

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