‘David Rothman’ namesakes: Egosurfers, here’s what the rest of us are up to

Kitty Kelley on the home page of The Georgetowner site I’ve remarked before on weird coincidences related to my name.

Two letters, for example, distinguish me from David Roffman, at least if you don’t include middle names. He’s the veteran journalist associated with the Georgetowner newspaper, shown with a Kitty Kelley feature (temporary link).

Much of The Solomon Scandals happens in Georgetown, which, by the way, is home to a net.friend of mine named Beth Solomon, founder of The Georgetown Dish website and most definitely not the real estate magnate in Scandals. You can read the Dish’s own Kelley feature here.

But back Topic R or DR. For the benefit of any stray David Rothmans who egosurfed their way to this post, here are a few more stray facts about people sharing The Name or close to it:

–David the Almost Rothman and I are now friends on Facebook, which will make it all the easier to catch up with him when once again people confuse us and I need to redirect them.

image–I  enjoyed The Girl on the Train, an excellent French film about an attention-grabber who falsely claims to have been the victim of anti-Semitism. Authentic anti-Semitism happens against a fictionalized character in the movie (French title shown). His name? “David Rothman.” Hey, for the purpose of this list, we’ll consider him an honorary real person.

–Yes, other book-writers exist named David Rothman, even though the surname isn’t exactly “Smith.” David B., is the author of Mr. Death: The Life of a CIA Assassination Expert, by His Son. David J. writes poetry. Perhaps the most prominent David Rothman, at least in the United States, is the professor at Columbia University, an expert on medical ethics and a prolific author. He’s a second David J. Finally there’s the medical librarian David L. Rothman, a library blogger and author, whose life became perhaps a little less difficult when I sold off the TeleRead site devoted to e-books and libraries. That’s him to the right, doing a funny rant against a LibraryJournal blog.

In Florida a David Rothman works for Disney World, or at least was when our paths crossed virtually due to confusion on Hotmail. Flordia is also home to David B. Rothman the lawyer.

I don’t know of any crooks, child-molesters, etc., with The Name but will do an addendum if I find any. Minus the “David” in the title, there is a Rothman Scandal novel.

Addendum, January 7, 2011: Actually here’s an unrelated David Rothman named in SEC papers…and another problematic DR (September 27, 2012).

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