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Gore sex probe dropped in Oregon: A NONscandal, without sufficient follow-up in the Washington Post and Politico
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imageSkimpy little items in the Washington Post and Politico, on the end of an Oregon inquiry into the sex charges against Al Gore, didn’t do justice to the ex-VP.  Given the seriousness of the charges and Gore’s prominence, wasn’t he worth more than those pathetic follow-ups? Check out a  far more detailed AP report in USA Today and other coverage.

Among other things, Gore’s accuser flunked a lie detector exam and Oregon investigators did not find the supposed seminal fluid that the licensed masseuse said had stained the pants she was wearing during the alleged incident. While other women have made similar accusations against  Gore, might the copycat phenomenon be at work here? See earlier posting in this blog. Sometimes “scandals” aren’t scandals, except in the sense that the innocent get besmirched.

Other Post news: I’m delighted that the Post has just appointed a “national innovations editor.” Congrats to the serendipitously named Mark S. Luckie, author of the 10,000 Words blog and The Digital Journalist’s Handbook. Despite the “national” in his title, here’s hoping that the Post will also pay attention to him on local and hyperlocal issues.

2 Comments to “Gore sex probe dropped in Oregon: A NONscandal, without sufficient follow-up in the Washington Post and Politico”

  1. Robert Nagle says:

    The subject for your next book should be: how scandals are manufactured and promoted.

  2. David Rothman says:

    Great idea, Robert—I’ll think about it, thanks. Actually The Solomon Scandals does have at least two cooked-up diversionary scandals, but I can see scandal creation as the center of attraction my next D.C. novel. David

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