JFK’s murdered mistress: Insider’s book alleges CIA role

Mary's Mosaic

On CIA matters, The Solomon Scandals is fiction—not about what happened, but what could have happened.

To this day we still don’t know the full story of why a U.S. senator held a secret stake in a CIA-occupied building in Arlington, VA, that the agency leased by way of the scandal-ridden General Services Administration.

What has been established over the years is the CIA’s willingness to bend the rules in the interest of “national security.”

And now Peter Janney, whose father worked for the agency, has just published Mary’s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace.

Conspiracy books abound. What makes this one unusual, beyond Janney’s three decades of research and the suspicions he raises about his own father, not just other CIA people, is that the accomplished and glamorous socialite was the mother of his best friend. And, yes, a controversy exists about whether the mainstream press over the years has given the story the attention it deserves. The formal suspect in the case was found not guilty, and the Georgetown murder remains unsolved.

A summary of Mary’s Mosaic can be found on the Huffington Post site. Here’s a Google News roundup.

I’ll neither agree nor disagree with the statements in the book. The Huffington Post sums up the book’s thesis that “Meyer and Kennedy were deeply in love and experimented with drugs together. Partly as a result of that relationship with Meyer, an avowed pacificist, Kennedy began to question the American military buildup that characterized the Cold War, according to Janney.” Result, as he sees it? Both were in position to get TWEPed.

HuffPo concludes: “Janney’s account leaves ample suspicion, even doubt, about the events surrounding the deaths of both Kennedy and Meyer. But all too often, Janney fills in blanks with conclusions that forward his preconceived narrative.”

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Speaking of questionable actions in D.C.—and more recent and verificable ones at that—check out reports that military officials set out to smear two USA reporters who were investigating the Pentagon’s propaganda activities.

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