Library e-books now readable on iPad, iPod and iPhone

image DRMed library e-books—at least ePub and PDF ones from the OverDrive service for public libraries—are now readable on the iPad, iPod and iPhone via the free Bluefire app.

Psst! The secret is here, shared by Mobiputing. Screen shot, from Mobiputing, is of Bluefire on an iPod.

I tested Bluefire with both ePub and PDF library books from the Fairfax County (Virginia) Public Library. It worked great on my iPad, using the likewise-free Dropbox program as a way to transfer the books from the desktop machine with which I had downloaded them from the library.

I could also have used iTunes or email for the transfer.

Soon OverDrive will be out with its own e-book app, which will reduce the number of steps needed.

Here’s hoping that a well-stocked National Digital Library System can exist in time with oodles and oodles of library books for students and the rest of us!

Note: For regular e-book news—the blog is really about a variety of topics—check out TeleRead.

(Via Rochelle Hartman)

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