‘Page-turner’? Or ‘page-tapper’? Just what do you call an e-novel you like?

image In a review of The Solomon Scandals for the Washington City Paper, Ted Scheinman said, “It’s hard to call an e-book a page-turner—novels like The Solomon Scandals require a new word.” Fair enough. I can live with such uncertainty if need be. But wait. Kirk Biglione over at Medialoper (photo) has come up with a new term, “Page-tapper.”

What do you think? I like it. “Page-tapper” would cover taps on (1) the screen of an iPhone-type gizmo and (2) a desktop or laptop keyboard. Of course, being available as both a paper book and e-book, Scandals ideally would qualify for “turn” as well as “tap.”

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