“Tracing the conscientious reportage of hard-nosed Washington Telegram correspondent Jon Stone, Rothman’s thriller weaves together society gossip, zoning reportage, and union grumblings into a pulp-ish web of international intrigue. Stone is the Cassandra of the D.C. press corps—his hunches mocked, his scoops unpublished until it’s too late. In the meantime, we get to relish his chatty first-person narrator spinning characterizations of D.C. with the same dark zeal Hammett held for Frisco or Chandler had for Los Angeles.” – Ted Scheinman, Washington City Paper.

“The book’s women are especially likable: they radiate that screwball-comedy pizzazz a la Roz Russell’s Hildy Johnson in the film His Girl Friday.” – Michael Pastore, EPublishers Weekly.

“At times, Scandals reminded me of a good Robert B. Parker mys­tery novel. At other times, such as dur­ing the party when socialite celebrity gos­sip colum­nist Wendy Blevin meets her ulti­mate demise, the book reminded me of the ele­gant prose of F. Scott Fitzgerald in Ten­der is the Night… Will I recommend this novel? Yes, in a heartbeat!” — Brad’s Reader.

“There is exquisite detail attached to the major characters in the book. Social class, regional dialect, gender and non-verbal communication patterns have clearly been given deep thought…Some fascinating plot twists occur—so the element of suspense stays strong throughout the read…. An odd, murky charm… recalls ‘The Maltese Falcon’…” – Pennyblackmusic (from PB’s comments in Q & A).

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David Rothman

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