‘Conde Nast Maidens’ vs. grubby defense workers as terrorist bait

imageTerrorists must love the Quarter Pentagon, aka BRAC-133, just off I-395 here in Alexandria, Virginia. We’re talking about 6,400 defense workers destined for an unsecured location, perfect for a drive-by missile shooting—and let’s not forget, either, the idiocy of the Army Corps of Engineer in bragging about its high-profile target. The geniuses even managed to post a document on the Net telling how many pounds of explosives could successfully blow up the complex.

Well, it turns out that sensitive documents have also leaked out about the 1776-foot-high tower of the soon-to-be-reincarnated World Trade Center—the very place where Conde Nast will be moving editorial workers from such icons of fashion and culture as Vogue, Vanity Fair and the New Yorker. Slate has the story with the Conde preppies as a peg. Not a word has appeared in Slate, however, about the billion-plus BRAC-133 boondoggle, as far I can determine, despite all talk in Washington  about frugality in government and the need to screw Social Security recipients.  Here’s a heads-up, @Slate.

In Slate’s somewhat Manhattan-centric universe, will defense workers in the Northern Virginia suburbs count as much as the beautiful people from Conde Nast and other New Yorkers?

For now, I’m more than a little disappointed in Slate’s corporate cousins over at the Washington Post, which has covered the expected traffic congestion from BRAC-133 but apparently not turned its investigative team loose to determine exactly why then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other biggies signed off on such an illogical project, miles from a subway stop. Sure, the Post is short-staffed compared to the past. But we’re still talking about a major metropolitan paper with a daily circulation of more than half a million readers, of whom more than a few will suffer from traffic snarls and other BRAC-133 fun.

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