Scandals available for iPhone via Fictionwise / Stanza store

StanzaScandals If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can buy The Solomon Scandals at the Fictionwise/Stanza store. Within Stanza on your iPhone, just go to to the Online Catalog, then choose Fictionwise.

The latter screen contains instructions. You can search for The Solomon Scandals by name. The screenshot gives you an idea of what you’ll see.

As in the case of Books On Board, you’ll find the electronic edition for a fraction of the cost of the paper one.

Of course, if you still prefer paper, you can find or order Scandals at old-fashioned bookstores. I myself love both paper and electronic books.

Related: The Mobipocket format, not just ePub, is now available at Books on Board. At both BOB and Fictionwise/Stanza, by the way, you can buy Scandals without Digital Rights Management, so you can own the book for real—without worrying about losing access to it later on.

Also of interest: Buying information page.

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