Solomon Scandals readable on new global Kindle—or you can buy the paperback, even if you’re outside the U.S.

image The Kindle e-book reader is going global, with official support for 100+ countries, and there’s also a price drop to a mere $259 for the domestic model.  The global one costs $279.

Ouch. Still too high. And there are other issues, such as the Kindle’s inability to read the new standard for e-books—ePub, as the geeks call it.

But the Kindle could be a solution for computerphobic readers, since it’s so easy to find and buy books on the device.

Here’s the Solomon Scandals angle: You can read nonDRMed e-books in the Mobipocket format for the Kindle, whether or not Scandals is officially on sale in the Amazon store for your country. Buying information is here for electronic and paper editions.

You can also buy the paper edition outside the States. Especially, check the Book Depository in the U.K., which ships to a number of places. Questions? Don’t be bashful about asking ‘em—just email.

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