Student newspaper raided at JMU: As if a slavery-blind Guv isn’t enough for Virginia

image Virginia, where the governor honored "Confederate History Month" without at first even acknowledging the evils of slavery, has another winner on its hands.

She’s Marsha Garst, Commonwealth’s attorney for Rockingham County, who let police raid the newsroom of a student newspaper and carry off hundreds of unpublished photos of alleged riot participants at James Madison University (photo from a more peaceful moment at JMU). The Society of Professional Journalist sensibly condemned the lawlessness of both the rioters and Ms. Garst. Don’t we have a First Amendment, not just a 13th? Perhaps an outbreak of Constitutional amnesia might be occurring among certain public officials in Virginia. Great PR for the state of Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Mason, eh? Adding to the fun, Ms. Garst was a Dean’s Scholar and Law Review Business Editor at George Mason University—named after the oft-regarded Father of the Bill of Rights. James Madison himself was no slacker in that area, either.

Coincidence Department: Garst is the last name of an obnoxious elitist reporter in The Solomon Scandals.

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David Rothman

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