TBD.com hyperlocal site in D.C. area is live—and my detailed analysis is on the way

imageimageThe TBD.com hyperlocal site for the Washington area went live this morning, and I’ll be updating some analysis I was about to publish here. Stay tuned for the analysis in the next hour or two. Update: Here it is.

Some live chat at TBD.com is scheduled to help introduce the community to the site.  It’’ll be on the Web at 9 a.m. Washington time.

Meanwhile NewsChannel 8 is “officially TBDTV” and is aggressively promoting TBD—perhaps the ace in the hole that will help this hyperlocal effort succeed despite the failures of so many others. Best of luck, folks! Great to see NewsChannel 8, ah, TBD, more local than before.

You might also check out TBD Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry’s observations on the evolution of localized news and a Letter from the Editor from TBD Editor Erik Wemple (photo).

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