‘The Rothman Scandal’: What’s good for the Solomons is good for…

image image Beth Solomon of TheGeorgetownDish is a good sport about the existence of a D.C. novel with a villain named Solomon:

“It would be great to have SOME kind of scandal in the family.”

Now I’ll try to show Beth’s humor and aplomb toward another book, or at least its title: The Rothman Scandal, by Stephen Birmingham of Our Crowd fame.

“The Rothmans have money, power—and secrets to hide,” reads back-cover copy for the paperback. “A distinguished patriarch’s dark history. A handsome grandson’s mysterious death. An illicit affair that could destroy a family.

“The fashion world has its secrets, too. A career built on lies and deception. A double life. A hidden agenda that could end an empire.

“But Alexandra Rothman, the powerful editor of Mode, hides one scandal, one secret that could shatter her family and her career—if she trusts the wrong person…”

Ouch! A journalism angle, even.

Detail: The cover shown is probably for the hardback edition. I’ve just received a used paperback, with a more colorful image, and will scan and post it when I have a chance.

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