TheGeorgetownDish is eying D.C. suburbs—plus Greenwich, Palm Beach, other upscale markets

image image So what’s ahead for TheGeorgetownDish—the new Web-based newspaper in the D.C. neighborhood where so many high-powered media types live? How can I not be curious when the publisher is named Solomon? Beth S. writes back:

“We are working hard to create a world class site for Georgetown. As we perfect TheGeorgetownDish, we will be looking at expansion to nearby communities. We are also interested in notable neighborhoods like Greenwich, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, Napa Valley, Brentwood and Santa Monica, and are laying the necessary groundwork for sites locally and nationally. We are prepared to spin a lot of plates.”

Good luck, Beth! And don’t let the recession get you down. As I recall, none other than Google got started when the economy was less than stellar.

And speaking of the local news scene: Three ways to save the Washington Post: A few ‘Post Apocalypse’ observations from Alexandria.

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