Time for laid-off Winston-Salem Journal copy editors to go hyperlocal against Media General? Revenge on corporate Scrooges?

Revenge of the copy editors?

Laid off from the Winston-Salem Journal, which sent their jobs out of town, 18 copy editors bemoaned their plight.

Poignant videos reminded us of the victims’ familiarity with their community—of their awareness that “Robinhood” rather than “Robin Hood” is the correct name of a road there. 

So here’s a modest proposal. Maybe the copy editors should start a series of hyperlocal publications and use their editing and fact-checking skills on the copy of citizen journalists who share their anger over Media General’s shabby and shady treatment of Winston-Salem.

I doubt it’ll happen, though, since the copy editors would presumably hate to compete against their ex-colleagues. And putting out a news site demands a lot more than editing skills alone.

Even so, this is a fun thought to consider. As a less-than-perfect speller, I’ve always had a soft spot for people with complementary skills, and I’d love to see the Winston-Salem copy editors wreak revenge on the Media General Scrooges.

Meanwhile thanks to YouTube member bernie1ization for preserving this little scrap of newspaper history, which, if I had my druthers, would be an exhibit at the Newseum.

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