Washington Post hyperlocal launch expected in the ‘late spring,’ Post source tells me

image So what’s “close”—the word that a TBD headline used in describing the Washington Post’s hyperlocal launch”?

Psst! A Post source tells me he expects the launch to happen in the “late spring.” No, we’re not talking about a janitor in the newsroom.

Ideally the Post can go public with a few more details to get feedback. Maybe even a pre-launch blog, in time?

I like the direction in which the Post appears to be headed, and I suspect that many others would agree and come forward with helpful suggestions—far more useful than simply replies to the Post questionnaire that TBD Editor Erik Wemple ran across. Meanwhile as a local newsaholic, I’ll keep pitching in with my own ideas for the Post, TBD and others.

Related: Extra-hyperlocal editions of the Washington Post may debut soon—with lessons learned from the Loudoun County débâcle.

(CC-licensed photo from Dion Hinchcliffe, taken in 2008.)

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