Ah, yes! To the Flemish Cap, Speaker Boehner!


Film as perfect budget-crisis metaphor?

As generic rhetoric, some in Washington may talk of  a “perfect storm” of chaos in the American and global financial markets if Republicans and Democrats don’t raise the debt ceiling by August 2.

I myself, however, am thinking precisely of the book and movie title based on the meteorological term—yes, The Perfect Storm.

Too accommodating toward Tea Party extremists (rally photo), House Speaker John Boehner reminds me of Billy Tyrne, the fishing-boat captain in TPS. Swordfish quotas ahead of life and sanity! Thanks to Boehner and Eric Cantor, we’re aboard the Andrea Gail and headed toward the Flemish Cap at the expense of credit ratings, investments and jobs.

imageUnless a deal comes through at the last minute to avoid the first federal default, we are all Gloucester men now.

Detail: Actually, Tea Party people may be among The Solomon Scandals’s biggest fans. The novel depicts the corruption and waste in Washington which have helped jack up the deficit over the years, even if those are hardly the only causes. But my own solution would be smarter government, as opposed to weakened government.

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